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Michael Biello
Michael Biello

Vintage and new venetian glass, copper leaf, and underglazed ceramic
27 X 37 inches


Artist Statement
I am an interdisciplinary artist.  My visual art ranges from operatic neo-classic chandeliers to stainless steel light columns creating sensual moving patterns, black and white vases that spin, hand-tinted erotic collages on paper and clay, ceramic headlights that glow from within and buddhas in theatrical dream-like environments - sitting centering flickering buddhas - art that uses light to illuminate and inspire.


I combine old with new - new with old – recycled antique crystal chandeliers made modern with handmade ceramic spheres cones twists and turns.  Old and new – found and handmade – past and present.  Black and white stripe excites me – classical – modern – marrying past with present to create new.


In addition to visual art, my commitment to collaborating with other artists has led me to explore and produce work in a wide range of artistic disciplines including theatre, dance, music and performance art. 


I believe that art is a healing force in the world.  My work is spirit driven.  I honor this spirit by giving it voice - by bringing together diverse elements to create a sense of peace love harmony and balance.


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Michael Biello Michael Biello Michael Biello
Michael Biello