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Julie Anne Mann

The Twins (diptych), 2010
Walnut burl, silver leaf

24 x 48 inches

Artist Statement

Typically each piece or series is made with a particular idea in mind but, they also share a number of commonalities. The majority of my work is composed from a variety of natural materials that generally reflect the darker side of nature. Sometimes it is the medium that conveys this message, other times it may be its relationship to the environment or used to depict aspects of human nature. Many have a two fold message about ourselves, our relationships and/or our relationships to the planet. The selections of pieces for Wild Nature are from the series Forest Portraits.


The Forest Portrait panels depict the unusually anthropomorphic nature of evergreen trees found in the Pacific Northwest. These peculiar but natural formations are the result of seedlings that grow to maturity on what are commonly known as ‘nurse logs’. Much like traditional portraiture, these images are referenced from photographs and capture a moment in time that reveals each subjects unique character. The evocative shapes created by these trees reveal the mystery of nature, but also suggest an individual and collective narrative for the viewer to unravel.


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