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Morgan Craig
Morgan Craig

Deep End, 2009

Oil on linen

60 X 45 inches

Artist Statement
As physical constructs, architectural edifices—from the most highly designed to the most crudely fabricated—are tangible, relevant forms of culture. They not only convey knowledge about the past, but also serve an ideological function in the present. These three-dimensional structures play pivotal roles in shaping both societal and cultural understandings of history while simultaneously aiding in an ongoing process of present-day identity construction. What, I have come to wonder, will the implications be—for both future constructs of identity and versions of history—if societies fail to recognizethe profound impact of architectural edifices—such as the ruins of the post-industrial era? While many dismiss or abhor the site of the post-industrial ruin, I believe it is imperative to document these sites and to press people to engage in dialogue about the associations we make with such sites and the sentiments that they engender in us—whether or not we have personal associations with them. I also find it imperative that people begin to question how particular types or styles of architecture shape the identities of those who live in or around them. 


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